And straight on 'till morning

Nov 06

'Murica. #ivoted #obama2012

'Murica. #ivoted #obama2012

Trying to decide whether or not I saw a roach in my room.

Then, trying to decide whether or not I care because I’m so tired. 

Oct 22


Oct 02


Sep 18

So I haven’t updated this since the day before my check in.

…A whole month ago.

watch me as im awesome at Tumblr.  

WELL. A lot has happened! 

I’m working Merchandise in EPCOT at Future World North, which includes the two stores under Space Ship Earth, Stroller Rental and the very lonely gift shop outside the gate that no body ever goes to.

It’s not quite what I expected, but it’s not bad either. Still pretty awesome. I’m working a lot and I end up not doing much on my days off, other than lay around and watch t.v. I just now started to frequent the parks more. 

Its hard to believe I have been here for a month, but at the same time it feels like forever. I never know what day it is anymore.

I also don’t really know what to type about. WAAAHHH.

Aug 14


I check in tomorrow for my college program. So tired already, but i probably wont sleep.

 I still have some of that paperwork to finish oops

Aug 11

Last day of work at #oldnavy ! Stoked! (Taken with Instagram)

Last day of work at #oldnavy ! Stoked! (Taken with Instagram)

Aug 03


Jul 26


Twenty-ish more days until my DCP check in. :D 

I’m so not prepared!

Jul 09